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Interview with SSPI President Jim Salmon

Jim Salmon is the consummate professional. That professionalism is the touchstone of his career within the U.S. seafood industry, the military, and now with Global Blue Technologies. Jim has been chairman of the National Fisheries Institute, the organization that represents the entire U.S. seafood industry. He was Vice President in charge of literally every aspect of supplying seafood to General Mills’ restaurants including Red Lobster and Olive Garden (before Darden Restaurants Inc. purchased them). That included providing ice to Third World fishermen, visiting processing plants around the world, tasting shrimp in a dozen or more countries and seeing that all of it was prepared, packaged and sent to a few thousand restaurants across the nation without delay.

Of far more importance, Jim trained pilots Salmon and served two tours of duty in Vietnam as commander of a Cobra helicopter gunship platoon. Whether in Vietnam, Florida, or South Texas, Jim always uses his varied abilities to accomplish the strategic mission of our nation, the seafood industry and now of Global Blue Technologies and Sustainable Sea Products International.

Jim is a southern Mississippi native; graduate of Florida’s prestigious Stetson University; and head of GBT’s sales, marketing, and distribution arm: Sustainable Sea Products International (SSPI). But his most proud accomplishments are his two grown sons: Ian and Sean.

John Aquilino: Jim, you’ve been associated with the seafood industry at the highest levels for nearly 40 years. You traveled to as many countries and more searching, sampling and purchasing premier quality seafood for the nation’s largest seafood restaurant network. I would imagine you could pick and choose the aspect of the business, if not the organization with whom you wanted to  share your experience and expertise. Why Global Blue?

Jim Salmon: First and foremost the shrimp!

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Global Blue Technologies’ mission is to establish an ethical, environmentally sustainable, and globally competitive American aquaculture industry via its proprietary, bio-secure, re-circulating aquaculture system.  After more than a decade of research and an investment in excess of US$80 million, GBT created at Taft, Texas the world’s first commercially viable bio-secure RAS aquaculture center for the production of the highest quality, highest value, and best-tasting organic colossal and extra colossal Penaeus vannamei shrimp.
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